Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pigmentation

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup has become a recent trend in the aesthetic industry. Possibly none more so than microblading; The art of eyebrow pigmentation. While there remain plenty of options as to filling in, or plucking out, only microblading offers the long-term benefits we’re all seeking. That is, full, perfectly formed eyebrows gracing our face, every morning we rise out of bed.

Interested in saving time and money? Who isn’t? Microblading guarantees less upkeep in the mirror every morning, and fewer dollars spent in the cosmetic aisle. The hassle of both aforementioned activities alone is reason to consider. Throw in a legitimate ROI, and there’s no question as to why this procedure has gained traction. While the upfront cost may be more than what you’re used to spending on eyebrows, remember that it’s expected to last two to three years!

Have you got bushy eyebrows? Great! You’re a good candidate for microblading. Imparting a blueprint by which you can follow ensures your eyebrows look the same every time you walk out of the salon. Have thin or light eyebrows? Great! You too are a good candidate for microblading. This is especially true if you’ve recently experienced hair loss due to illness. Filling the area in with natural-looking, wispy lines may provide facial structure to those who have lacked it.

“A mere 40 minutes later, when I finally sat up, I was too stunned to speak. On my face were two perfect brows.”

Lena Dunham, VOGUE Writer


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