Makeup, Waxing & Eyelashes


Special Event Makeup

You’ve done your makeup a thousand times. You are acutely aware of your face, more so than any other creature walking the planet. To say you know your face like the back of your hand would be misleading. Because you know your face better. Could someone you’ve never met do your makeup better on the most important day of your life? Surprisingly, yes! Reason being, they do wedding makeup; Not everyday, rush out the door five minutes late makeup. For special occasions, call a pro, like us!

The oft overlooked benefit of outsourcing hair and makeup is the stress-free aspect of it. All you’ve got to do is sit there and look pretty. Literally! This frees up the rest of your day, so that you can truly enjoy it. All without having to worry about touch-ups or potential disasters. We utilize the highest-grade products designed for wearability and flexibility, on your special day. Often times, these products are well-removed from the mainstream, and cost much more than what an individual would normally spend.

Worried you won’t look natural? Don’t be! We specialize in natural. Easily the most requested “look” described by our clients, specifically on wedding days, is to look like themselves, sans imperfections. We’ve got every tool in the bag necessary to accentuate, and reveal, your unique character and features. Above all, our goal is show the world your best you, not smother it. Come ceremony, count on us to deliver a face that withstands heat, wind, water/tears and anything else you can throw at it (rice), in a relaxing environment. You deserve it!

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Paul Red Adair, Disaster Expert


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