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Invigorate & Renew Skin

Up to this point, most of us have either had, or heard of a facial. There’s not much new to explain regarding of the process. It’s the treatment every spa has on the menu, and rightfully so. They’re great! However, you may not have heard of all the potential benefits such a treatment offers. Beyond that, have you ever heard of a custom facial or peel? Did you know there’s a formula specifically for stress relief? If so, you’re probably one of our regulars. As for the rest of you, read on!

The advantages of a facial extend beyond the obvious. Everyone expects cleaner skin. Few expect an increase in collagen production. The method itself is reason for some little known benefits to take hold. For example, the massage portion doesn’t just feel good. It also relieves stress, aids in blood circulation, floods your cells with oxygen and nutrients, and increases lymphatic drainage. Deeply cleaning pores with herbal extracts, oils and antioxidant creams results in a steep reduction, if not entire elimination, of dead facial cells, tightens and hydrates the skin, diminish bags and circles, and provides a detoxifying effect.

“Okay, so, facials and peels are fantastic for my skin. How often do i need them?” We recommend once every season as a good starting point. It’s largely based on skin type, and each patient is different. Like all things, maintaining clean, healthy skin begins and ends with maintenance. Regular facials and peels ensure a radiant glow, year round.

“I’m a big believer that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.”

Demi Moore, Actress


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