About InMode: Aesthetic Solutions

Inmode Aesthetic Solutions

Global Aesthetic Leader

Founded in 2008, InMode has quickly become recognized as a global leader in the aesthetic industry thanks to their unique approach and revolutionary equipment. Per their mission statement, InMode’s goal is to “create innovative, life-changing technology that leads the industry in enhancing beauty and well-being.” While that may sound good in theory, practice is always what counts. Luckily, our clients are more than happy to attest to the company’s statement, as they’ve been a part of some truly amazing results!

Minimally & Non-Invasive Procedures

So, what kind of revolutionary technology are we talking about here? InMode utilizes a number of modalities to shape, firm and tighten the body in specific areas. Most specifically, radio-frequency. “InMode has developed and commercialized products utilizing medically-accepted radio-frequency energy technology, which can penetrate deep into the subdermal fat, allowing adipose tissue remodeling. InMode’s technologies are used by physicians to remodel subdermal adipose, or fatty, tissue in a variety of procedures including liposuction with simultaneous skin tightening, face and body contouring and ablative skin rejuvenation treatments.”

Moreover, InMode has been a part of many clinical studies, (35+ peer reviewed / textbook publications to be exact) to prove the validity of their technology, and truth in their claims. That being, life-changing results, in a fraction of the time, with no adverse effects or downtime. For further evidence, be sure to check out their features in print, television, and just about any other medium you can dream up. Remember the time Khloe Kardashian got Forma Plus? We certainly do. Now, you can enjoy the same luxuries too.

InMode Treatments at Adela

Here at Adela Medical Spa, we rely on the innovation set forth by InMode to offer an advanced suite of services to our clientele. We are therefore able to treat our patients with the newest technology available, so they may attain the results desired. All of which is available right here in Canton, Ohio. So, why wait any longer? Come on by and see the store. Consultations are always free, and we’d love to hear from you!


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